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Big Ears

By Jim Fay

Six-year-old Paul was at the family reunion when he asked his uncle if he could see the moths in his billfold.

“What do you mean?” asked Uncle Fred.

“My dad told my mom that you were so tight that if you ever opened your billfold, moths would fly out, and I want to watch,” replied Paul.

 We all know where Paul picked this up. Kids remember all the things they hear through eavesdropping, while they often don’t listen well to the things they are told directly.
Unfortunately, Paul has another problem. He has overheard his parents criticizing his teachers and the school. That could be the reason he believes that his bad grades are not the result of laziness, but because he doesn’t have to do what the stupid teacher says.

Regardless of how we feel about the school or the teacher, it is real bad business to say it where our kids can overhear it. Better we send a consistent message that achievement comes through hard work and listening to the teachers.

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The 48 Hour Test

By Jim Fay

Trish and Dad were walking through the mall when Trish spied the most “spectacular” pair of dark glasses.

“Oh, Dad. They’re perfect. They’re just what I need to complete my collection of eye-wear. I’ve got to have them, but I don’t have the money. Will you loan me some? Pleeeeze! I’ll pay you back.”

Dad knew that a loan to Trish was never a loan. In the past, asking for re-payment drew fits and sulking. With this in mind, he knew that he had only three choices:

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Battling Over Meals

By Dr Charles Fay

Have your kids ever twisted-up their faces and proclaimed something like, “I’m not eating that!” or “Yuck! I want something else!”? If your children are like most, you’ve experienced at least some challenges getting them to eat what you’d like them to eat. In many families, these challenges turn into a full-fledged war, turning meal times into epic battles.

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Don’t Lose Your Status as a Role Model

By Jim Fay

Question: What is one of the primary ways that kids learn?

Answer: Modeling (subconscious imitation of adult behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes).

Question: Who becomes a model for kids?

Answer: A person they see as both strong and loving at the same time.

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Love and Logic and Autism

By Dr. Charles Fay

I’m often asked if Love and Logic applies to children with autism. For years, we’ve been hearing success stories from parents and professionals indicating the answer to this question:

Yes. While it doesn’t solve all of the child’s problems, Love and Logic really helps.

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