The Power of What Kids Overhear

Have you ever noticed how kids’ ears tend to shrink when we try to tell them something really important? Have you also noticed how these very same ears swell when we are trying to have a private conversation with another adult?

It’s a basic fact of human nature. People just have the hardest time ignoring conversations that are happening around them. We can take advantage of this fascinating phenomenon by talking about the key things we want our kids to learn…just within their hearing distance.

The more our kids overhear us talking about how we are proud to act honestly, the more likely they’ll act honestly.

The more they overhear us talking about our own love of learning, the more interested in learning they will become.

The more positive comments they overhear us making about their schools and their teachers, the more respectful and motivated they will be around their schools and their teachers.

My father never tried to talk me into studying psychology, becoming an author, and teaching Love and Logic. Instead I overheard him time and time again talking about how much he loved doing these things.

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