What Will She Become?

What Will She Become?

I bet you can predict what kind of parent this little girl will become. John Major sends this wonderful example.

Little Grace was feeling quite grown up while experiencing the wonderful feelings of being an important, contributing member of the family. She was responsible for setting the dinner table.

Coming to her daddy she asked, “Daddy, what would you like to drink with dinner? Water or milk?”

“Daddy will have a Dr. Pepper, please,” was his reply.

“Oh, Daddy! That isn’t one of your choices. Water or milk?”

Daddy reports that he was speechless at this point, realizing that his 4-year-old was using one of the Love and Logic techniques on him!

After about five seconds of Daddy just looking at his little girl, she said, “Daddy, if you don’t choose, I’ll have to choose for you.”

Daddy was surprised that what came out of his mouth was, “Water!”

Isn’t it great to know that Daddy’s grandchildren, and probably his great-grandchildren, will benefit from his modeling?

Refine your skills with this technique of providing choices within limits. Listen to the Love and Logic audio, Avoiding Power Struggles With Kids.